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Home Lending

Home, Personal, Ag & Business Lending

Found the perfect home? Looking to buy a new vehicle? Thinking of expanding your farm or business? We all reach a point where extra financing can help us achieve our goals, and Iowa State Bank is here to help. With loan options for your personal life, business, home or farm, you can rest assured that our lending staff will work hard to help you get the best rate for the life that you want. 

  • Personal Loans

    Find assistance for financing everything from the purchase of a new vehicle to using your home’s built up equity to your advantage. Find out more about Iowa State Bank’s personal loan options.

  • Business Loans

    Apply for a line of credit to help keep cash flow steady for your business or for a commercial real estate loan to help your business expand. Learn how a business loan can help your business grow.

  • Ag Loans

    Increase your farm’s acreage, upgrade your machinery or add more livestock to your operation with an ag loan from Iowa State Bank. See how ag loans make a great option for your farm’s future.

  • Home Loans

    Iowa State Bank can help you finance the purchase of your dream home with one of our mortgage options designed to help you find the best rate. Find your home mortgage option.


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