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Savings, Checking, Card Processing & More for Your Business

At Iowa State Bank, we believe local businesses and farmers are the backbone of a vibrant community. Local businesses help our community thrive by creating jobs and investing in our schools, organizations and community causes, while our area farmers are helping to feed America. As your community bank, we want to provide the business banking services that allow your business or farm to grow, which helps our community be more successful. 

  • Business Checking Accounts

    No matter what you’re looking for from a checking account for your business or farm, Iowa State Bank has a variety of options for you. Compare the checking accounts available for business owners and farmers.

  • Business Savings Account

    Find an account with a low minimum balance or with higher balance requirements that will help your money grow faster with interest. Browse the savings account options we have available.

  • Merchant Card Processing

    We are proud to offer you a local option for processing credit and debit card transactions at your business to help you reach a wider range of customers. Find out more about Iowa State Bank’s merchant card processing services

  • Business Loans

    Iowa State Bank has a long history of providing financing solutions to help our community businesses grow to add more to the local economy. Learn more about the loan options available for our local businesses and farmers

  • Wire Transfers

    Easily send money or receive funds to and from your business checking or savings account with wire transfers that can safely send funds anywhere. Find out how you can send or receive funds domestically and internationally.

  • Fraud Protection

    Criminals will target your business and try to steal your financial and personal information, but Iowa State Bank can help. Learn how to see the signs of fraud and how to protect your business.


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