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2017 Iowa State Bank Scholarship

This scholarship is open to all FHS Seniors with additional consideration to existing Iowa State Bank customers, GPA, future plans to return to Jefferson County after graduation and any special family circumstances. Please be sure to address these items in your application process. You must be a student of Fairfield High School to be eligible for this scholarship.


This award of $1,000 is to be applied to the recipient’s college expenses. The check will be made jointly payable to the student and the school. This award does come with the option of deferring the cash award to the 2nd year of college with an increase in the scholarship amount to $1,500. If this option is elected, no funds would be awarded in the first year and a check made jointly payable to the student and the school for $1,500 would be sent in year 2 provided the student is enrolled as a full-time student. Please specify your preference for the award:

  • One Time - 1st year Award of $1,000.00
  • One Time - 2nd year Award of $1,500.00 meeting the specified criteria listed above

Please fill out the requested information as completely and accurately as possible. Type or print legibly. Application deadline is March 23rd, 2017.