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Money Wires
July 31, 2015

Wire (Domestic and International)

Fee Structure:

Domestic Wires (Within the US)
Incoming $15.00
Outgoing $25.00
Incoming (non-customer) $18.00
Outgoing (non-customer) $30.00

International Wires (Outside the US)
Incoming $42.00
Outgoing $50.00
Incoming (non-customer) $42.00
Outgoing (non-customer) $75.00

Cutoff Times:

There are certain cutoff times that are associated with different types of wires. If you are concerned about a particular cutoff time, you will want to call a personal banker to confirm when your wire will be sent out.

NOTE: Outgoing wires are sent on collected balances only.

For an "Incoming" wire...
you will need to provide
the sender with the following information:
Your Account Name
Your Account Number
ABA # 073901880
Iowa State Bank
101 N. Court
Fairfield, IA 52556

July 31, 2015

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